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Stella Busina Matthews is a celebrity daughter. Her father, Dave Matthews is a famous musician and member of the Dave Matthews Band. Dave has been singing for many years, since the 80s, making him have one of the longest careers in music, which has spanned over three decades.

Stella is the eldest in her family, and she has a fraternal twin, Grace Anne Matthews, whom she shares a strong bond with. Besides her sister, Stella has a younger brother August Olive Matthews who was born in 2007, a few years younger than her.

Early Life

Stella is a beautiful girl who has enjoyed growing up in a music-cultivated family. Her father formed the Dave Matthews band in 1991, many years before she was born. During her early years, she enjoyed listening to her father sing. Also, she accompanied her father on tours around the US.

According to some sources, Stella Busina spent her early years singing in the choir and volunteering at a local hospital and animal shelter. After she graduated from high school, she joined New York University, where she majored in psychology.

While some sources indicate that Stella is into singing and giving service to the community, she has preferred a life away from media. Because of the private lifestyle, it is hard to tell Stella’s hobbies and career.


Stella is the eldest child in the family alongside her fraternal twin. She was born on August 15, 2001, alongside her sister Grace Anne. Grace Anne has also kept a low-key life, like her sister, keeping their father’s fans guessing about their lives and careers.

August Olive is the other sibling to Stella, the only brother in her family. Oliver was born in 2007, a few years after her birth, explaining how they mantian a close bond.

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Musician Dave Matthews and his wife Jeniffer Ashley Harper are Stella’s parents. Her parents walked down the aisle in 2000 and since then, their marriage has been full of blessings and love. While they officiated their marriage in 2000, the duo had been living together, after they met during a Halloween party.

While Stella’s father is a famous musician, her mother is a professional doctor. The duo has worked very hard to keep their family united, which is why they have had a peaceful marriage that has lasted for many decades.

When asked about the secret to a lasting marriage, Stella’s father revealed that his wife had played a huge role in supporting him and caring for their family. Apart from Harper supporting her husband, she has accompanied him on various tours across the country. Moreover, the duo has partnered in other projects outside of music and medicine, which makes the family more united.

Net Worth

Stella has yet to reveal her career, meaning her net worth is not yet revealed. While she is of the right age to work, it remains unknown what she is focused on. Talking about her father, he is a legendary musician, whose net worth is $350 million.