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Veronica Kiszka is a celebrity sister, who has attracted attention because of her brothers’ careers. Veronica’s three brothers are the founders of Greta Van Fleet, an American band that formed in 2012.

The Kiszka brothers formed the band alongside another partner Danny Wagner as the drummist. Since the band’s formation, the members have released several songs and albums, some of which have placed them on the map as skilled singers.

While a lot is known about the Kiszka brothers, a few people know that they have a beautiful sister, Veronica Kiszka, who is also in the entertainment industry. While Veronica is curving a name for herself in diving, her brothers have become more famous through singing.


Veronica Kiszka is a celebrity sister. She is the only girl in a family of four siblings. Her brothers are famous band members of Greta Van Fleet, which they formed in 2012. As a result of her brothers’ fame, she has become a little overshadowed.

While Veronica is the third born in the family after the twins Josh and Jake, her exact birthdate remains unknown. Besides appearing in a few family photos, Veronica has preferred to keep a low-key profile, making it hard to know her bio, career, and net worth.

However, during a recent interview with Veronica’s youngest brother, Sam, the singer revealed that their sister was adventurous like the other family members. Sam revealed that Veronica was in Hawaii and was learning to dive.

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Veronica is the only sibling in a family of four children. She has twin brothers Jake and Josh, who are the eldest in the family.

Veronica’s youngest brother is called Sam, and he is a famous singer of the band Great Van Fleet, like his older brothers. The Kiszka brothers formed the band in 2012 and since then they have released several albums and tracks.

In 2018, the band was nominated for 4 Grammy Awards, showcasing their talent and dedication to the changing music scenes. Josh Kiszka, Veronica’s older brother has been in the news, partly because of his career and sexuality.

The singer and songwriter revealed that he had been gay for some years. The Frankenmuth-born singer revealed that for eight years, he has been in a relationship without announcing publicly.

Josh is the band’s vocalist and songwriter, Jake is the guitarist and backup vocalist and Sam is the bassist. The band has other members.


Veronica’s mother is called Karen, a retired teacher. On the other hand, her father Kelly Kiszka is a musician and chemist. Veronica’s father’s love for music became her brothers’ success when he began teaching them to sing from a young age.

Veronica’s parents encouraged the brothers to sing, which resulted in regular singing practice in the family garage. Jake achieved his dream of forming a band in 2012 when he sided with his two brothers to form Great Van Fleet.

On the other hand, Veronica has pursued a different career, unique from any family member. She is a professional diver.