VidMate is a YouTube video downloader for Android phones. The Fast videos can be downloaded from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp status, YT, GB Whatsapp, and Tiktok.

Since multiple antivirus programs have scanned the VidMate, you can download it without worry. The VidMate APP is a well-known YouTube video downloader supporting Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and other platforms.

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VidMate | Best Video&Music Downloader

VidMate is an application that will quickly bring all viral videos from social media into your mobile storage. This app lets you get your favourite videos from any social media platform. Even if the video is uploaded to the feed or the status story, you only need to download it with a single click.

VidMate is an HD video downloader app for Android that facilitates downloading multiple files with a single click but does not host any content. What’s even better? The app’s content-downloading services are completely gratis, so there’s no risk in trying it. AliBaba’s app provides free online video and audio content access.

You must have spent much time online and may still be doing so. Daily, you come across a variety of videos and images. Numerous social media applications are available, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Dailymotion, and others.

So many applications, millions of users, and billions of videos imply many creators and their content. You must have grown fond of them and wished to keep them in storage. This is impossible because no application allows you to save videos directly from social media platforms. However, there is one app that can work miracles for you.

What is VidMate APK?

VidMate Apk allows users to download videos and audio files from any social media platform. It also allows you to convert an MP4 video to an MP3 format and supports several other forms. Any video can be downloaded from Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Dailymotion, and other sites. Copy and paste the link to attach into the VidMate latest version search bar. This way, the relevant video or audio will be saved directly to your Android device’s storage.

What is VidMate’s Old Version?

You can easily download the VidMate Old Version by clicking here. Because it uses less memory than the new version of VidMate, most people still use the older version of VidMate. There isn’t a version of VidMate on the Play Store, so you can’t download the older version from there. In the article that follows, we’ll go into great detail about how to download it. The new VidMate version differs from the old VidMate version. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of VidMate’s old version 2.36 download is crucial because it offers less security than the most recent version.

Features of Vidmate

Multiple Sites Supported

Feel free to check out more of the sites and download the videos you like. VidMate is the best video and music downloader that works with several different sites. You can find videos, pictures, and songs from various media sites in this app without switching to other sites. You can also download them as many times as you want on your phone without worrying about the cost because it’s all free, whether you look at it online or download it.

Unlimited video downloads

With VidMate, you can download as many videos as you want from the internet, no matter your device. It can help if you get any video from a social media site or a particular website. This app lets its users download as many videos as they want. VidMate is a good MP3 converter for people who use streaming apps to listen to music.

Videos & Movies Download

One of the best things about our app is that it lets you watch full HD movies for free. It gets movies from many different sites and sorts them into categories. Both old Bollywood movies and the newest Hollywood movies can be downloaded for free. The “People who liked this also liked…” and “same actors” links on each movie’s page are the best things about the movie section. These links help you find more movies in the same or a similar genre. This saves a lot of time because you can skip looking through long lists of movies online and pick one. If you need to check if the movie is what you’re looking for, you can click on the page to see short descriptions and trailers that give you more information. Especially when new movies by Heros are added to the platform like Digitbin, it will tell people what to do and watch and also SharesForecast.

Live TV programs and series

There are over 200 channels, like Zee TV, Star World, Channel V, and Sahara Online. is heaven for people who love to watch TV shows because it has various shows in different languages, including comedies, reality shows, and other types. All TV shows, from comedies to documentaries, are updated often and without problems. You can watch it online or offline whenever and wherever you want, like waiting for a bus or riding the train home.

Offline sharing

You can also share the videos and audio you’ve downloaded with your contacts through social media apps. For example, you downloaded a video and want to show it to your friends. You can send that video file directly to the people on your list.

Music and video player

This app has a music player and a video player built right in. It’s the best thing, and people will love this feature. They can listen to or watch the downloaded file without switching to another app. They can play the stuff and enjoy it all in the same app.

Convert video into audio

You can also change all the videos into mp3 format with this app. With this app, it’s straightforward to do. You can choose how you want the file to be saved before downloading it. You can select MP3 or one of many other formats.

Best streaming quality

Since this app can also play videos, it has the best streaming experience. You can watch your videos in both 4k and HD. High-quality video streaming like this can make your experience better and more memorable.

Download images

If you like downloading pictures and wallpapers with many colours, this app can help you. You can save as many images as you want in your storage after downloading them. You can make wallpapers with them or send them to your friends.

Status saver

You can also download videos and WhatsApp status stories with this app. WhatsApp doesn’t have a way to download videos or other information your contacts post to their accounts. You can download and use it for the same thing to get to it. Do you ever worry that a funny Whatsapp Status or a lovely Instagram photo will be deleted one day? You can easily use VidMate to keep social media status updates and pictures on your Android phone for good. On the homepage of VidMate, there is also a photo channel with many different kinds of images. It is easy to find and download high-quality photos from this channel.

VIDMATE – APP & APK Download

Frequently Ask Questions

Is VidMate a safe app?

VidMate is the most secure app, boasting nearly all the best options. You can rest assured that the app is legitimate.

Can I download videos through Vidmate? If yes, how?

Vidmate makes it simple to fast download any video you want. The procedure entails the following steps: First, launch Vidmate’s main page. 2, Select the desired video by tapping on it. Third, there will be a download button next to the video. Put your finger on it and press 4. Let the video download finish before continuing. Enjoy.

Why can’t I download VidMate from Google Play Store?

The app is unavailable on the official Android app store due to privacy concerns. However, you can still get it by clicking on this link.

Can I download VidMate on iOS?

Unfortunately, Vidmate is not yet available on iOS devices. You can use any Android emulator if you want to download on iOS or Windows.

How to download VidMate from the APK file?

If you want to download the APK file, follow these steps: 1. First, click on the link provided here. 2. Save the APK file to your computer. 3. Select Settings. 4. Turn on Unknown sources. Accept the terms and conditions. 5. Grant the requested permission. 6. Download and install the app.

How to get VidMate on Google Play Store?

Due to Google’s policy, VidMate is not in the Google Play Store. VidMate is 100% SAFE. CM Security, Lookout, and McAfee have all checked their security and said it is safe. You can get the apk file from our official website ( or third-party sites like APKTom, Uptodown, and APKPure.

How to install the apk file downloaded from Chrome on your Android smartphone?

Since VidMate is not an app from the Google Play Store, you will get a warning before installing it. Please go to “Settings” and make sure “Unknown Sources” is turned on. After that, you can start to put VidMate on your computer.


VidMate is an app you’ve been looking for for a long time but has yet to learn existed. With this app, you can get any video you want, no matter how long it will be. With this real app, you can use all its features and have a great time. If you want to tell us what you think or have any questions, please comment below or message us. We’d love to hear what you think about this great app.