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Margot Claflin is a celebrity kid and it’s all thanks to her parents. Margot is the daughter of actor Sam Claflin and his ex-wife, Laura Haddock. Her parent’s careers in the entertainment industry ultimately pushed Margot and her brother into he spotlight of their parents, and it’s the reason we are focused on discussing more about Margot in today’s post.

Margot is still a young girl and full of a whole career and life ahead of her. However, there is plenty we can discuss about Margot and her parents as you will see in the guide. Read on!

Biography of Margot Claflin

As stated, Margot Claflin is the celebrity daughter of Laura Haddock and Sam Claflin. She was born in 2018, making her six years, as of 2024. Margot’s nationality is British and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. She also has a older brother named Pip Claflin.

Her birth was a blessing to the family as they got to welcome their second child and their only daughter. However, the parents didn’t disclose every detail about Margot. For instance, her exact birth date is unknown and, since she is still young, the parents opted to give her a private lifestyle, limiting what they share online about their daughter.

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Education and Career

At the moment, nothing is known about the educational background of Margot Claflin. She is still a child and preparing to start school. Based on her current location, it’s likely that she will start school in England.

As for Margot’s career, her parents are in the film industry but we are unsure about her future career. Only time will tell of what career path she will opt to take and whether she will choose to join her parents and become an actress.

Relationship and Controversies

Margot Claflin has no controversies so far. She is still very young to start getting involved with controversies. Besides, at six years old, we can’t even expect her to be in any relationship.

Therefore, Margot is single at the moment. However, as years pass and she comes of age, we will update about her dating life and what next regarding her relationship life.

Meet Margot Claflin’s Parents

Notably, Margot’s parents are English actors. The two married in 2013 and remained together for six years. They then separated in 2019 when Margot was only a year old. Their union welcomed two children and, even after the divorce, they continued providing for the children.

Margot’s father announced the separation on his Instagram Story on August 20, 2019. Sam Claflin is a British actor. He was born on June 27, 1986. His birth place is Ipswich, England. Sam started acting with roles on TV and his firm movie was Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides (20110. From there, he has been involved in other several films, including The Hunger Games.

As for Margot’s mother, she is a British actress born in Enfield, London, on August 21, 1985. She has been involved in films such as, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).