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Michael Bivins is a 55-year-old famous singer and rapper from America who is popular for being the founder member of the music group New Edition. In addition to that, Michael Bivins is also a founder member of one more music group named Bell Biv DeVoe. Given this fact, he is extremely successful in his professional career, which helped him to earn a massive amount of money.

If you wonder, how much the net worth of Michael Bivins is, let us discuss it here and tell you everything about his earnings and net worth.

Net worth of Michael Bivins

With the fact that Michael Bivins is 55 years old right now and has been tremendously successful in his professional career, you can assume how much money he would have earned in his life so far. If you are still wondering, let us clear the air and tell you Michael Bivins is the proud owner of around $20 million as of 2024.

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Means source of income

Needless to mention, the primary source of income for Michael Bivins is his music career. Since the beginning of his professional career, Michael Bivins has been a singer. Given the fact, he has churned out the majority of his net worth from this profession only.

Additional earning sources

Michael Bivins is not only active in singing but he is also a record producer and composer. Given the fact, he has more than one earning source, which makes his net worth so giant. Michael Bivins, of course, didn’t make a substantial amount of money through his side professions but they definitely contributed a little to his net worth.

Asset and fortune

Despite the fact that Michael Bivins is a celebrity and every single happening of his life grabs the attention of the media, he has not let the details related to his assets come out to the public.


We can only make assumptions about the earnings of Michael Bivins through endorsements because he has kept these details too under wraps. With the fact that he is so successful in his professional career, it can be expected that he might be the first choice of many brands for their product promotion.

Michael Bivins’s expenditure on charity

There is hardly any information available about the charitable works of Michael Bivins. So, we are not sure whether Michael Bivins spends money on such activities or not. If he does, he keeps the details completely private.

Personal life of Michael Bivins0

Born on 10th August 1968 in the USA Michael Bivins is a 55 years old American musician. Since Michael Bivins has never talked about his family background, no details, not even the names, about his parents are available. However, you will get a little information about his personal life like the name of his wife. Michael Bivins got married to Teasha Bivins in 2006 and has three children together.


Although Michael Bivins is over 50 years old, you won’t see the lack of energy and enthusiasm in him for his profession. This is the reason he is today the owner of such a huge amount of money.