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Hugely popular for being the daughter of American renowned actress and comedian, Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers is a 56-year-old American actress and TV host. Her professional success might not be as rocking as her late mother but she has definitely achieved a decent level of success and net worth in her life.

If you are interested in unfolding the details about the net worth of Melissa Rivers, read this article where you will get all about it.

Net worth of Melissa Rivers

The 56-year-old beautiful actress is estimated to have a staggering net worth of around $100 million. No wonder how she lives a luxurious life today. Melissa Rivers has accumulated this net worth not just from one source but from different sources.

Main source of earning

No doubt Melissa Rivers is successful in her acting career and has made a huge amount of money through it too, the major chunk of her net worth she inherited from her mother who reportedly had $150 million when she died in 2014. Being the only heir of her mother, Melissa Rivers inherited most of that money.

Additional earning sources

You already know that Melissa Rivers is an actress and TV host but she is active in a couple of other professions as well and makes a good amount of money through them too. To tell you clearly, Melissa Rivers is also an author, TV producer, and presenter.

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Asset and fortune

Like many other celebrities, Melissa Rivers has also not revealed any information about her personal assets and fortune. This is why saying anything confirmed about her cars, real estate properties, houses, and many other such possessions is not possible. Owing to her huge net worth and luxurious lifestyle, we can say that Melissa Rivers is super rich in this aspect.


No information is available about the endorsements of Melissa Rivers. Considering her professional success, it can be expected that the lady must have done brand sponsorships in her career. However, Melissa Rivers herself has preferred to keep mum regarding this matter.

Melissa Rivers’s expenditure on charity

Melissa Rivers is a philanthropist and is actively involved in charitable activities. She herself spends a fat amount of money on charitable activities and asks people to raise funds as well. Recently, she has supported Waterkeeper Alliance, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Bogart, and Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Research.

Personal life of Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers was born on 20 January 1960 in the USA to American celebrity couple Joan Rivers and Edgar Rosenberg. The mother of Melissa Rivers was a renowned actress and her father was a German film producer. Moving on to the love life of Melissa Rivers, she hasn’t been fortunate in this aspect of life. She got married to Edgar Cooper Endicott in 1998 but their marriage lasted only for 5 years till 2003 and yielded one child.


Being a celebrity child is not easy because they always have the pressure of being as successful as their parents. However, Melissa Rivers has handled this pressure very well and did excellent in her professional career as well.