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As a mother, it’s your happiness whenever you see your children excelling in life. Marcie Basso can’t be more luckier than being the mother of two famous actors.  Her daughter, Annalise Basso, is a widely recognized actress and she has been involved in films such as Standing Up (2013).

On the other hand, her son, Gabriel Basso, is widely known for his acting role as the lead actor in The Night Agent series. It’s through her children’s successful careers that Marcie Basso has gained public attention and people want to dig deeper into her life. This post will share the available details about Marcie Basso and her her children.

Who is Marcie Basso?

Well, Marcie Basso is not a popular person in the limelight. However, her name is known courtesy of being the mother of actress Annalise Basso and actor Gabriel Basso. Fans are curious to get more insights into the family of their favorite actor or actress.

Marcie Basso’s details remain unknown. For instance, her birth date and early childhood is not known. She has kept private her details and, even her children, have not openly talked on behalf of her. However, we know she is the mother of three children, Annalise, Alexandria, and Gabriel Basso. She is also the spouse to Louis J. Basso.

Marcie brought up her children in religion and they attended Grace Doctrine Church in St Charles, Missouri. Other details such as her career or sources of income haven’t been disclosed. However, she managed to give her children a good life, providing for their needs and financing their education.

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Meet Marcie Basso’s Daughter

American actress Annalise Basso is the daughter of Marcie Basso. She was born on December 2, 1998. Annalise is mainly known for her role in the Snowpiercer series (2020-2022). You will also find Annalise in several films. Her parents are Lousi J. Basso and Marcie Basso. She attended Campbell Hall School in Los Angeles.

Talking about Annalise’s career, she started her career with TV commercials and other small guest appearances on TV series. Her first role that caught the public attention was True Blood when she played as Eden Hamby.

Over the years, Marcie has been involved in several films and this has worked much in giving her fame, career success, and wealth.

Meet Marcie Basso’s Son

Louis Gabriel Basso is the famous son of Marcie Basso. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but the actual birth date is unavailable. Gabriel is an American actor and his career started when he was a child. During that time, he had minor roles on The Big C series.

He started appearing in film in 2011 and you will find him in films such as, The Kings of Summer. Gabriel’s most notable role was when he appeared in The Night Agent series, playing the lead role. Although he had several other films and projects he was involved in, The Night Agent is what pushed his career name and path higher and he is now widely known and respected in the industry.