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Apart from being the son of a celebrity, London Blerk doesn’t have anything that pushes him into the spotlight. If you are unfamiliar with him, London Blerk is widely reputable for being the son of Sebastian Bach.

London Blerk’s father has solidified his reputation as Canadian-American singer and his mainstream success is thanks to being part of a hard rock band. As we talk about London Blerk, we will majorly focus on his father, as there is much to discuss about him. Hopefully, your concerns regarding London Blerk will be addressed after reading this post.

Biography of London Blerk

When talking about London Blerk, his name is widely known for being the son of musician Sebastian Bach. Father’s career success has brought all the attention that London Blerk. For him, he is focused on carving his path but he can’t hide away form the title of being the celebrity child of Sebastian.

For London Blerk, he hasn’t taken up social media much and little information is available about him. Unlike his father, London Blerk seems to bend more to writing and he also loves listening to music from platforms such as SoundCloud.

London Blerk was born in 1994, and he is turning 30 years in 2024. However, we don’t known when he celebrates his birthday as his birth date is not known. London Blerk has no known siblings. However, he is the grandson of David Blerk. His grandfather was an American-Canadian realist painter.

Career and Net Worth

It’s through knowing London Blerk’s career that we would have managed to calculate or estimate his net worth. Unfortunately, London Blerk hasn’t shared details about his career or any business ventures he has to bring in money.

Unlike London Blerk, his father has a public career and almost all details about his career are known and other sources of income that he has.

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Biography of London Blerk’s Father

Sebastian Philip Blerk is a Canadian-American singer born on April 3, 1968. He is London Blerk’s father and he was born in Freeport, Bahamas. However, he was raised in Peterborough, Ontario. London’s father is one of the eight children in his family. Notably, his brother, Zac Blerk, is widely known for being a hockey player.

Sebastian is the son of David Blerk. His father was a noted painter and through him Sebastian got an early exposure to the celebrity status before he created his legacy. When growing up, Sebastian joined the church choir and this helped him work on his vocals and confidence.

Career Life of London Blerk’s Father

London Blerk’s father mainly got the fame after being part of the Skid Row hard rock band, but that’s not where his career began. Sebastian began his music journey with the Kid Wikkid group in 1983. The group was based in Peterborough and Sebastian joined them at age 14.

Sebastian then joined Skid Row in 1987 and that’s when his name began becoming popular, especially because he was the lead vocalist. He has been with the group until 1996. The duration was enough to make him a star.