How to Attract Customers on Instagram

If you sell online and have questions about how to attract customers on Instagram , this article is for you. After all, we know very well that social networks are great allies of e-commerce and can be decisive for the success of an online business .

Exploring different sales channels is one of the main strategies for expanding businesses. So, get out your pen and paper and check out 15 tips to attract attention on Instagram and win more customers for your company. Let’s go!

1. Have a business account

First of all, it’s important to know that to create marketing strategies on Instagram you need to have a business account . This is because tools aimed at companies are not available in personal accounts on the platform.

But don’t worry, this is an easy detail to resolve. Within the app, you can change your personal account to a business account and vice versa.

2. Know your audience

Now, getting into the strategic part, it is essential that we talk about the importance of your target audience . Considering that Instagram is a visual network, you need to create content that catches the user’s attention and you can only do this by knowing your audience well.

In this sense, creating a persona (or buyer persona ) will help you — a lot — to better direct your entire advertising strategy. With this semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, it is much easier to create content with greater chances of conversion.

Therefore, before starting any planning, take time to get to know your client . Without a doubt, this will be decisive for the efficiency of your strategies.

3. Use your visual identity

Another important point concerns the presence of your visual identity on your Instagram. That is, if your brand already has a defined identity — and it is important that it does — you should use it in all the content and visual elements on your Instagram.

From your profile photo to your stories, it is essential that users can recognize your company through its aesthetics. This includes a color palette that connects with your business, images that harmonize in your feed, a font that is characteristic of the brand, etc.

4. Understand the Instagram algorithm

One of the main challenges of working with Instagram is understanding its algorithm. This is because it is through this algorithm that posts are distributed to Followers and this is crucial for the reach of your content.

Therefore, take the time to study the platform’s guidelines. In addition to the algorithm, it is interesting to know the application’s rules and best practices to avoid the dreaded Instagram shadowban , the social network’s penalty that can greatly disrupt your entire strategy.

5. Explore social network features

The platform offers a series of features that can be used very well by companies looking to attract more customers on Instagram. Therefore, when taking your brand to this channel, take advantage of everything you can to increase your account engagement .

Among the most popular features we can highlight:

Stories : posts of photos, videos or texts that are displayed for a period of 24 hours;

Reels : resource for creating videos with effects, filters, soundtrack and other elements;

Carousel : the image carousel allows you to publish a sequence of photos in your feed;

Instagram Shopping : resource aimed at online sales within the platform — we will find out more about this later in this article.

The more you take advantage of the platform’s tools, the greater your chances of engaging your audience and promoting your online store.

6. Create quality content

A very common mistake made by entrepreneurs on Instagram is to focus too much on promoting the product or service and forgetting about the quality of the content. Instagram, first and foremost, is a social network that aims to provide connection and entertainment, so not just any post will make the user stop what they are doing to look at your content in depth.

That’s why it’s important to create quality content. Use the platform’s features and create posts that encourage audience interaction , such as quizzes, polls, tips, reviews, etc.

7. Activate Instagram Shopping

If you already have a sales website , using Instagram as a virtual storefront can greatly help increase your sales. Using Instagram Shopping , you can synchronize your online catalog with the social network and add links to your e-commerce.

This way, when users come across your products, they will be redirected to your online store in just a few clicks. This increases the chances of conversion and you can use Instagram as an alternative sales channel, in addition to generating traffic to your online store.

You may not know, but socialpro offers a native integration with Instagram , making it easy to automatically sync your product catalog between your online store and the social network. This saves you time and effort, ensuring that your products are always up to date on Instagram.

8. Use CTAs

CTA ( Call to Action ) is a digital marketing technique used to encourage users to take certain actions . In e-commerce , it is very common to see CTAs such as “Buy now”, “Subscribe now”, “Download the app” among others.

Using this element makes all the difference when it comes to directing users to your online store. In addition, some Instagram content can include links, so CTAs will be very useful for boosting your sales pages .

9. Consider using paid media

If you’re in a hurry to achieve results on Instagram, working with paid media is one of the surest paths. With the social network’s own advertising tool, Instagram Ads , it is possible to create campaigns for different audiences and objectives.

This is a way to boost your account and reach potential customers . However, as the name suggests, this is a paid strategy, so it requires a certain amount of investment.

10. Bet on hashtags

If you use Instagram or Twitter, you’re probably already familiar with hashtags (#). They consist of words accompanied by the # symbol that automatically connects all posts that use them.

For example, a popular hashtag on Instagram is #womensfashion . If you have an online clothing store , using this tag in your posts will help you reach potential customers who are searching for that topic.

Exploring hashtags is one of the best ways to gain followers organically. So, understand which ones connect with your brand and audience and use them to connect with your audience.

11. Use the bio space

The Instagram bio is a space available for including the main information about an account. It is very important for business accounts because it allows the inclusion of a link, which is great for those who want to direct followers to an online store or landing page , for example.

In this context, use the bio space to insert the most important information about your store , such as contact details, website link, etc. A good practice to take advantage of this space is to create a Linktree , a page that brings together all the useful links for your business in one place.

With Linktree, you don’t have to choose which page to put in your bio. This way, your followers can access any website you make available.

12. Create an editorial calendar

The editorial calendar is a great companion to content marketing strategies . When it comes to social media, it is also necessary.

It is essential that you understand how to post strategically. That is, considering factors such as the best times to post on Instagram and the ideal frequency to reach your audience.

This is exactly where the posting calendar will help you. With it, you can organize your publications and have more control over your brand’s content .

13. Interact with followers

Although your main objective is to sell, you need to remember that on social media the public is not always looking for products and services. Therefore, it is important to interact with followers to create proximity and engagement with them.

This is a way to keep your brand in the minds of users, which can lead them to become customers when they need a product or service that you offer Buy Instagram Followers UK. Furthermore, interacting with those who are already customers is also essential.

Responding to comments — whether criticism or praise —, reposting stories when a customer tags your account and interacting via Instagram directly are simple actions that generate great impact. All of this will make a difference when it comes to retaining customers , so pay attention to these tips.

14. Invest in influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been dominating the internet for some time now . The presence of influencers (or digital influencers ) on social media is growing and the most in-the-know brands are keeping an eye on the opportunities that this model can generate.

This strategy involves partnering with profiles that have a strong engagement with your target audience. The idea is for the influencer to recommend your product on their social media, making their followers aware of your brand.

Today, this market already involves several large and small brands, which increases the value of these partnerships. However, for those who are just starting out, working with micro-influencers is a good alternative, as it allows you to reach a qualified audience without spending a lot of money.

15. Track metrics

Last but not least, we must remind you to always monitor the metrics of your strategies . And when we talk about getting attention on Instagram, this is no different.

With Instagram Insights , the platform’s data analysis tool, you have access to your account’s main indicators. Monitoring this information, both from your paid media campaigns and your publications, is of great importance for the efficiency of the strategy as a whole .

After all, metrics are what will tell you whether you are on the right track and which content is most effective and has the highest engagement. These inputs are valuable to ensure that you are investing and dedicating yourself to an assertive strategy.

Have you learned how to attract customers on Instagram?

Now that you know how to get attention on Instagram , use these tips to create a good plan for your social media. Betting on these channels is a practical and economical way to increase your brand’s reach and attract more customers on Instagram .

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In addition, the platform provides robust tools, such as a product catalog, quick responses and tags to categorize contacts, facilitating management and increasing sales efficiency. This results in greater product visibility and a more fluid shopping experience for customers.