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Today’s post focuses on Ira Peskowitz. The man is known thanks to his daughter’s career and reputation. He is the father of Bhad Bhabie’s. His daughter is an American rapper and internet personality.

However, Ira Peskowitz doesn’t have a close bond with his daughter and he separated with Bhad’s mother.  At one point, Bhad sort a restraining order against her father and claimed that he is only interested in her now that she has built her reputation and name in the industry. What more do we know about Ira Peskowitz? Read on!

Biography of Ira Peskowitz

Ira Peskowitz is an American male born on February 6, 1968. His birth sign is Aquarius and his reputation is mainly because his daughter is an American rapper who has also gained fame as an internet personality.

Ira Peskowitz had married Barbara Ann Bregoli and they dated for an year before Barbara became pregnant with Bhad. However, the couple got into a rough romance in 2004 that saw them separating.

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Ira Peskowitz’s  Controversy

Ira has been in a tough child custody battle that has not favored him. His daughter is against what she terms as her father trying to ride in her fame. Ira’s daughter even got a restraining order on her father and she mentioned that Ira is only interested in getting child custody now that Bhad is an internet personality and a famous American rapper.

Additionally, Ira Peskowitz tried to run a Go Fund Me in March 2017, but it failed in raising the money he stated he needed to finance his child custody legal battle.

Relationship and Marriage

Ira Peskowitz was first married to Barbara. The couple welcomed their daughter Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli, who is mainly known by her stage name Bhad Bhabie. However, the couple separated when Danielle was an infant.

Ira then moved on later on and married again. Apart from Danielle, he has two other children and it’s through his salary that he takes care of them.

Ira Peskowitz Career

Although we don’t known what educational background Ira Peskowitz holds, we know that he works as a deputy Sherif for Palm Beach. This is the only known role and source of income that Ira Peskowitz has.

Ira is still in his active career and we are watching to see what change of mind he might get later on regarding his career.

Meet Ira Peskowitz’s Daughter

Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli is the famous daughter of Ira Peskowitz. She was born on March 26, 2003, and her fame is thanks to her career as an American rapper and an internet personality. She is from Boynton Beach, Florida.

Danielle’s fame came after her phrase, “Cash me outside, how ‘bout that?” The phrase went viral and gave her the needed public attention to boost her reputation in the industry. Ira’s daughter is a mother and a wife. She is married to Le Vaughn and they married in 2020. The couple has one child and more of their life is yet to unfold. Be sure to stay alert for any updates.