Online Flower Delivery in Delhi

As season changes occur in Delhi, the variety of flowers available is dazzling, and events like weddings become more spectacular with the variety available to add to their floral arrangements. Due to the diverse climatic conditions that are experienced in the capital city, the flowers that are found in the region can be grown throughout the year. Whether you want to send flowers to put a smile on someone’s face or to enhance the beauty of your interior, having access to online flower delivery in Delhi makes it possible to make this happen. Here are the five most popular flowers one can order during this season and get delivered to Delhi.


The flower most associated with Indian festivities is marigold, which is also believed to feature extensively in decoration. These flowers prefer the warm climate of Delhi and bloom from the end of October to April. This is especially so because their colors range from orange, yellow, and red, which naturally gives warmth.

Marigolds are robust plants that are not difficult to care for and are often used to symbolize happiness and prosperity. Besides, their scents are sharp and pungent, which serve as insect repellants, making the flowers ideal for enhancing the outdoor ambiance. Delhi florists are able to cater to a wide range of arrangements, right from the basic bouquet to stylish garlands; hence, marigolds can be used on any occasion.


Chrysanthemums or mums are also popular with consumers all year round, but more especially during autumn and winter seasons. These flowers bloom during the period of October up to February and are available in different colors such as white color, yellow, pink, and red. Chrysanthemums relate to cheer and happiness, which makes the flower popular during festivals such as Diwali and New Year. Its shapes and sizes differ from tiny buttons to large pom-pom shapes, letting you create unique floral compositions.

Delhi florists also accompany chrysanthemums with other flowers that are in season to produce lovely mixed flower arrangements that bring about positive energy in any environment.


Lilies are considered one of the most elegant flowers with their giant and gorgeous petals and the bewitching scent that captures the hearts of Delhiites. These flowers are especially found in the spring between March – June and would be suitable for spring or early summer occasions or events. There are several types of lilies, such as Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies, and Trumpet lilies, with differences in their features.

Asiatic lilies have large, colorful, non-scented blooms, which are perfect for those who are allergic to pollen. Oriental lilies, however, are valued for their large flowers and their sweet scent. Some of the common meanings associated with lilies include love, purity, femininity, and riches, and thus, they are favored for weddings and formal occasions. Delhi’s florists are well known for arranging lilies, which are excellent for centerpieces or as exquisite gifts.


Orchids are flowers of sheer exotic beauty and are found in Delhi between September and March. The wonderful bowl-like cup shapes, bright coloration, and longevity of the flower characterize them. Orchids are available in a number of species, and they all possess their unique beauty; one of them is Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium. They are associated with luxury, beauty, and strength, and there is no better time to give them to someone than on a special occasion.

Many orchids are suitable for exquisite floral compositions, and these flowers are popular when sending gifts to business partners as they are long-lasting. Delhi florists showcase diverse orchid products, from ordinary flower plants to well-crafted floral products.


Roses are one of the most popular flowers to be sent as gifts, best suited for the cooler months from November to March, and available almost all year round. Famous for its class and deep meaning, roses are presented in many colors, and every shade is associated with a unique message. Some of the common meanings of red roses are love and passion, while white roses represent purity and peace. Pink roses are used to express thankfulness and appreciation, while yellow roses can be associated with fellowship and cheerfulness.

Delhi florists offer a number of rose delivery services for whatever occasion you may require, from a single-stem rose to a bouquet to even a rose-decorated basket or box. Due to the availability of the rose online delivery, you can be able to order these lovely flowers for your loved ones wherever you are.


Seasonal flowers of Delhi can dictate a pleasant color scheme for almost any event in terms of variety and depth of colors available. Besides flowers used in festive occasions, such as marigolds and joyful chrysanthemums, the ever-enduring roses and majestic lilies, to the exotic and fashionable orchids, there is a flower to suit every mood and event. The florists of the city are not disappointed; they are coming up with the best delivery services to bring these beautiful flowers to your doorstep.

No matter whether you need flowers to decorate the tables during a special occasion, to convey feelings to a loved one, or to add some color to your home, these top five flowers of the season will help you to do that in style. It is time to enjoy the flowers that are offered by the city and to let the colors and the scent of nature into your life.