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Franklin Graham is a 71-year-old American evangelist, who is popular for getting involved in Christian revival tours and political commentary. This is not the only reason Franklin Graham is popular but there is something else that makes him famous and it is his net worth. Yes, he is well known for the outstanding amount of money he has made in his life.

If you are already curious to find the details about the net worth of Franklin Graham, read this article where we are going to discuss everything about it.

Net worth of Franklin Graham

You might be surprised to find out that Franklin Graham has an estimated net worth of around $10 million as of 2024. However, considering the age of Franklin Graham you shouldn’t be surprised because he has worked hard all his professional life and achieved this much net worth.

Main source of income

This goes without saying that the main source of income for Franklin Graham is his evangelist career. His father was active in the same and Franklin Graham followed the footprints of his father. He made a majority of his income through this profession only and accumulated this much net worth.

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Additional earning sources

Apart from being an evangelist, Franklin Graham is also an actor and film producer. Now, you can understand how Franklin Graham has managed to earn this much money. These two professions might not have enabled him to make a huge amount of money but definitely contributed greatly to his net worth.

Assets and fortune

Saying anything confirmed about the personal assets of Franklin Graham would have been possible only if he bothered to reveal this information. Since he has chosen to keep his personal life private, not at all anything is available about the cars, houses, and real estate properties of Franklin Graham.


We don’t think Franklin Graham would be involved in brand sponsorships. We are not making just assumptions but we are saying this based on the fact that he is never seen promoting any brands. However, Franklin Graham himself never disclosed any details related to it.

Franklin Graham’s expenditure on charity

It’s not only the details about the personal assets of Franklin Graham that are unknown to the public but he hasn’t dropped any details regarding his expenditure and spending on charity. What to say more Franklin Graham has not even disclosed whether he is really involved in such activities.

Personal life of Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham was born on 14th July 1952 as the son of Billy Graham and Ruth Graham. Coming to the married life of Franklin Graham, he has been married to Jane Austin Cunningham Graham since 1974 and the couple has four kids together. The names of his kids are Cissie Graham Lynch, Edward Bell Graham, Will Graham, and Roy Austin Graham.


Having such an impressive net worth at this age is a really big thing especially when you are not active professionally in the entertainment industry where there is huge money.