human gathering cult

There are many cults out there and if you’ve been intrigued by how people manage to start and lead these cults, the answer lies in psychology. Cults have existed since centuries and our goal today is to understand the psychology behind human gathering cults, how it happens, and the impact it has on those involved. Join us to understand how cult leaders manage to get huge following and how the cult experiences are for people and the impact on their lives.

Understanding the Different Types of Cults

The world of cults is large. There are several secretive cults ranging from religious to self help movements. Other leaders have also formed cults by claiming to have divine powers and knowledge that allow them to attract a huge following of members seeking their guidance.

In most cases, the leaders end up manipulating their followers and they do so by instilling in them fear and even promising them salvation. Sometimes, the cults focus on apocalyptic beliefs where they will sell the fear that the world is ending and unless you are part of the cult, you won’t survive.

Such cults capitalize on isolating others from their group and let the fear and guilt eat them to eventually force them to join the group. The cult leaders play mind tricks and all the cults have the same analogy with the goal of manipulating people.

Understanding the Psychology Behind Human Gathering Cults

Psychology is powerful and anyone who understands how to manipulate it has an easy time forming a cult. The idea behind psychology is that, by giving people a sense of belonging and purpose, you are likely to draw them to you for security.

The cult leaders rely on the insecurities and vulnerabilities in their targets to instill them fear which will draw them to join the cult to be on the “safe” side. The indoctrination process gives people a sense of hope and trust in the cult leader to address all their issues.

Additionally, the cult leaders bet on the power of cognitive biases to keep their followers intact. They do this by mounting pressure and deception, especially by interpreting things in a manner that will champion for their beliefs.

The Impact of Human Gathering Cults and How to Stay Alert

Cults don’t have your best interests at heart. The impact these cults have on the victims is profound. The first impact is that the victims have their personal lives changed and they isolate themselves from their friends, family, and their work.

The isolation makes the victim to be solely reliant on the cult leader and other members. The loss of independence affects the thinking of the victims and leaves them in fear, confusion, and guilt. Some even can’t manage to free themselves from the cult.

Everybody should stay alert to spot the red flags that signal a cult. Any sign of exploitation, demands that sell fear, or other manipulative tactics should be easily noticed and avoided.