A Brief Guide on Incidentalseventy 2024


Incidentalseventy is an invitation to a journey of transformation where the surprise and slow emergence of life’s events provides opportunities. As much as we try to plan our lives, we know the fact that sometime life happens and swings in directions that are quite unimaginable. And it feels and tastes like that – alive – in these moments of our lives which nobody could have prepared for.

The incidental seventy system, a phrase that has been in people’s heads for a while now but it appears nobody actually knows what it is. To tell the truth, the name is the best one, because it seems to contain the judgeable statement of the story of the person who had a transformation. And just like products, it places a focus on those people, which we never met before, or those brief meetings with people, events, and moments that may radically change our lives.

And lastly, it is the discovery of The Power of Solo Travel: the ignored and unheard stories; the knowledge acquired; and when it comes to strength of mind: how to endure the punishment; what can be done when one gets culture shocked; how to survive; and how to do well out of it.

Thus, let us also begin to familiarize ourselves with this great trip that we are between the dialogue and the turns still ahead on the path to individualism. Buckle up; adventure awaits!

Origin and History

The number ‘seventy’ seemed to be an insignificant arbitrary number and any other number could have been chosen as well. It also made the term fun to use as created the image of absurdity for what in fact was a practice that was common.

It slowly entered and became part of the norms of everyday communication and usage and is not solely used in gaming or on such platforms such as social media or forums and the like. It also used to refer to any single occurrence, or eventuality, which resulted in failure or some form of frustration or which was an eventuality in any case.

There is one theory that it possibly originated from military slang for an accidental tripping of a mine/aircraft ‘incident seventy’. But still, there is no material that has any proof of such thinking.

Honestly, me and my friends mostly use ‘incidentalseventy’ as more of a slang derived from the gaming culture; however, recognizing that now many people even in everyday speech, you can call this incidentality simply ‘incidentalseventy’. Lacking a clear and distinct historical record is one of the main issues and yet, there can be no doubt that it is both influential and popular.


Life consists of such unpredictable events and occurrences; but it is at such times that one gets to know oneself. It has been a year of diseaseridden incidentalseventy, a year that has helped me become more than what I used to be and attain the true meaning of life.

Therefore, let each of us continue along his/her individual strands – as well as the experiments we come across on them getting more and more complicated – with curiosity and courage. Therefore, let us caught every single chance to grow in every aspect of life, at the same time embrace the real self. As it seems, life only gets better when one decides to take every opportunity that comes one’s way without fail.

Once again, thank you for being my guest on this fantastic endeavor called incidentalseventy: I hope that your own journey is similarly boundless